Advance Marine Reduction Gearbox HCQ1000 for Ship

CZPT Marine Reduction CZPT HCQ1000 for Ship

CZPT Marine Reduction CZPT HCQ1000 for Ship, with record of CZPT maritime gearboxes, as under: 

Design Max Power Input
Velocity Rang
Reduction Ration Fat Ideal Engines
06 twelve.five/2100 one thousand-2100 two.52/three.05/three.fifty 58kg Yanmar TS130/TS155 Hatz E786
HC038A   1500-2300 1.51 two.03 two.fifty two two.92 3.forty five 70  
16A 33/2000 a thousand-2000 two.07/2.48/2.95/three.35/3.eighty three 84kg MWM D226-two, Hatz 3M31
26   one thousand-2500 two.five/3/3.5/four 92  
MA100A 37/3000 1500-3000 one.six/2/2.fifty five/three.eleven/3.fifty nine/three.88 75 Isuzu UM02AB1, Yamaha ME125
MA125 82/3000 1500-3000 2.03/2.forty six/3.04/3.fifty seven/four.05
115 Isuzu UM02AB1, Yamaha ME125
MA142 102/2500 1500-3000 one.ninety seven/two.fifty two/3.03/3.54/three.ninety five/4.5 one hundred forty CZPT 4BTA3.9-M MWM D226-4
40A eighty two/2000 750-2000 two.07/two.ninety six/three.44 225 Yanmar ME400L, Baudouin 4D
MB170 132/2500 one thousand-2500 1.ninety seven/two.52/three.04/3.96/four.five/5.06
240 MWM D226-6, Yamaha ME400L
HC65 163/2500 one thousand-2500 one.53/two.03/2.5/two.ninety six one hundred thirty 6BT5.9-M
HCU65   1000-2200 2.045/2.five/three.068/3.427 260  
120B   750-1800 two.03/two.eighty one/three.seventy three 400  
120C 340/2500 a thousand-2500 one.forty eight/one.ninety four/2.forty five/two.ninety six/3.35 225 CZPT NT855-M240, CAT 3208TA
MV100 408/3000 1500-3000 1.23/one.sixty two/two.07/2.52/2.87 220 NT855-M240, MWM D234 V8
MV100A   1000-3000 1.23/1.28/one.sixty two/two.07/2.56/two.87 220 7 levels down angle
135A 272/2000 one thousand-2000 2.03/two.fifty nine/3.04/three.sixty two/4.11/4.65
/five.06/5.forty seven/five.eighty one
470 NT855-M240, CAT 3406
HCQ138 390/2600 one thousand-2600 1.03/1.five/2.03/2.48/two.95 two hundred NT855-M240, CAT 3406
HC138 375/2500 1000-2500 2/two.52/3/3.fifty seven/4.05/four.45 360 6135Ca, NT855-M240
HCD138 375/2500 a thousand-2500 five.05/five.sixty three/6.06/6.forty seven 415 6135Ca, NT855-M240
HCA138 390/2600 a thousand-2600 1.095/1.28/one.5/two.03/two.52/three two hundred NT855-M240, MWM D234 V8
MB242 350/2500 1000-2500 three.04/3.52/three.95/4.fifty three/5.twelve
385 NT855-M240, CAT 3406
HC200 440/2200 1000-2200 1.48/two/two.28 280 NT855-M240, CAT 3406TA
HC201 500/2500 a thousand-2500 two.46/2.955/3.526 350 6135ZLCa, CZPT NTA855-M400
HCV230   a thousand-2200 one.485/one.956/2.483 450  
MB270A 500/2500 one thousand-2500 4.05/four.53/5.12/five.5/five.ninety five/6.39/six.eighty two 675 NTA855-M400, CAT 3406TA
HCQ300 782/2300 1000-2300 1.05/1.forty six/2.05/two.38 350 KTA19-M600, 3412T, TBD234 V12
HC300   700-2500 one.five/one.87/two.04/two.23/two.fifty four/three/three.fifty three/
4.1/4.forty seven/4.sixty one/four.94/5.44
300 805/2300 a thousand-2300 2.04/2.54/three/3.53/ four
740 KTA19-M600, TBD234 V12
D300 805/2300 1000-2300 4/4.forty eight/five.05/five.52/five.9/six.56/seven.06
940 KTA19-M600, TBD234 V12
T300 759/2300 one thousand-2300 4.ninety five/6.03/six.sixty five/seven.04/7.54/8.02
1120 KTA19-M600, 3412T, TBD234 V12
T300/one 611/2300 one thousand-2300 eight.ninety four/nine.forty five 1120 KTA19-M600, 3412T
J300   750-2500 2.04/2.fifty four/three/three.47/three.95 740  
HCA300 850/2500 1000-2500 1.5/2/2.fifty seven/2.95 370 KTA19-M600, 3412T, TBD234 V12
HCA301   1000-2500 1.5 two 2.57 2.ninety five 370  
M300 850/2300 one thousand-2300 one.45/2/two.52/3.05/3.forty five/3.ninety four seven-hundred KTA19-M600, TBD234 V12
HCQ401   1000-2300 one one.twelve one.twenty five one.5 one.76 2.04 two.5 480  
MD300 850/2300 1000-2300 three.ninety six/four.forty eight/4.ninety six/5.fifty two/5.nine 940 KTA19-M600, TBD234 V12
HCQ400 810/1800 1000-2300 one.5/two.04/two.five/3/3.forty two/three.77/four.06
1100 KT38-M800, TBD604BL6, 3412TA
HC400 810/1800 a thousand-2300 one.5/2.04/two.five/three/3.42/three.77/four.06
/four.sixty one/4.ninety four
820 3412TA, TBD604BL6
HCD400A 810/1800 1000-1800 3.96/4.33/4.43/four.476/ three
1100 KT38-M800, TBD604BL6
HCT400A 945/2100 1000-2100 six.09/six.forty nine/6.93/seven.42/seven.ninety five/8.4
1450 KT38-M800, 6BD604BL6
HCT400A/one 945/2100 one thousand-2100 8.fifteen/8.sixty nine/nine.27/ten.six/11.forty six/twelve 1500 KTA38-M800, 3412TA, TBD604BL6
HCQ501 1265/2300 one thousand-2300 1.03/1.forty six/two/two.45 560 KTA38-M940, 3508B, TBD234 V16
HCQ502 1265/2300 1000-2300 two.95 seven hundred KTA38-M940, 3508TA, TBD234 V16
HC600A 1365/2100 one thousand-2100 2/2.forty eight/3/3.58/3.89 1300 KTA38-M1045, 3508B, TBD604B V8
HCD600A 1365/2100 a thousand-2100 four.18/4.43/ four/5.seventy one 1550 KTA38-M1045, 3508B, TBD604B V8
HCT600A 1260/2100 1000-2100 6.06/6.forty nine/six.ninety seven/seven.fifty one/8.04/8.sixty six/9.35 1600 KTA38-M940, 3508TA, TBD234 V16
HCT600A/one 1260/2100 one thousand-2100 7.sixty nine/eight.23/eight.eighty two/9.forty seven/
/11.sixty five/12.57/fourteen.forty four
1700 KTA38-M940, TBD234 V16
HCQ700   a thousand-2500 1.514 two two.5 2.783 two.958 900  
HCD800 1530/1800 one thousand-1800 three.429/three.ninety six/4.391/4.905/five.474/five.889 1900 6190Z1CZ, CW6200, KTA38-M1
HCW800   1500-1900 twelve.584/thirteen.244/13.945/fourteen.68/
fifteen.forty six/15.915/sixteen.285/seventeen.16/
HCT800 1530/1800 800-1800 4.95/5.57/5.sixty eight/five.93/six.forty three/six.86
/seven.33/seven.eighty four
2000 KTA38-M
HCT800-one   800-1800 six.91/seven.28/seven.sixty nine/8.12/eight.6/nine.twelve
/9.sixty eight/ten.three/ten.98/11.seventy six/twelve.43
/thirteen.seventeen/thirteen.ninety seven/fourteen.85/fifteen.eighty two/16.fifty eight
HCT800-3   800-1800 16.fifty six/17.95/twenty.2 4200  
HC900 1440/1600 600-1600 one.forty six/two.04/2.47/3/three.6/four.08/4.63/4.ninety five 1600 12V190DC, M200
HCD1000   600-1900 3.429/three.96/4.391/4.45/4.905/
HCW1100   1500-1800 15.882/16.546/17.234/seventeen.973/
eighteen.seventy four/19.547/20.395
HCT1100 1841/1600 seven-hundred-1600 five.6/5.98/6.39/6.eighty five/seven.35/seven.nine 3000 CW6200
HC1200   600-1900 two.03/2.five/2.96/3.55/three.79/4.05/4.2/four.forty seven 2000  
HC1200-one   600-1800 3.74 3.ninety five 4.45 five five.25 5.58 2500  
HC1250 1654/1800 400-1800 two.03/2.48/three.04/3.forty eight/three.96 2200 CW8200ZC, 6210ZL, Z12V190
HC701 1286/2400 1200-2400 one.93/two.fifty eight/two.9/3.26/3.91/four.six/five.17
2000 KTA38-M2
HCQ1400   one thousand-2100 one.517 two 2.476 3 1430  
HCA1400   1600-2100 2.926   7 levels down angle
HCAM1400   1600-2100 2.926    
HCD1400   600-1800 4.04/4.27/four.fifty two/four.8/5.045/5.5/
HCT1400   600-1800 four/four.511/5.03/five.52/five.ninety seven/six.forty eight/
HCM1400   1000-2100 one.477 two.571 2.548 3.074 950  
HCQ1600   1600-2100 1.fifty one one.ninety seven 2.476 2.seventy six 1500  
HCQH1600   1600-1900 2.476 1500  
HCQ1601   1600-2100 three.04 three.24 1550  
HCT1600   five hundred-1650 5.454/five.972/six.585/6.ninety nine/7.456/
HCAM500   1000-2600 one.35 2.034 3 five hundred ten levels down
HCD2000   600-1500 three/three.577/three.958/4.455/4.95/5.263
/5.429/5.seventy five/6.053
HCT2000   600-1500 5.185/five.494/five.943/6.583/7.012/
HCD2700   500-1400 3.65/four.042/four.five/five.05/5.476/six.105 6000  

manufactured by CZPT, biggest maritime gearbox producer in China.
Besides maritime gearbox, we mainly concentrate in motor market, particularly CZPT, who generates most CZPT motor sequence in China, such as:

SN Versions
1 4BT3.nine, 6BT5.nine, 4ISBE4.5, 6ISBE6.7, QSB4.5,, ISB
2 6CT8.3, 6LT8.nine, ISLe8.nine, QSL
four ISF2.eight, ISF3.8
five ISZ13, ISG
six NT855
seven KT19, KT38, KT50, QSK19, QSK38, etc

for various programs, this kind of as:

SN Apps
1 diesel generator set
2 h2o pump established, fireplace pump set
3 construction and engineering machinery (crane, excavator, bulldozer, loader, etc)
4 Automobile (bus, mentor, shuttle, and so forth)
5 marine main propulsion, marine auxiliary generator set

And besides complete engines, we also export a whole lot of engine parts parts, including:

SN Element Descriptions
one cylinder head, cylinder block, cylinder liner
two piston, piston ring, conrod
three primary bearing, conrod bearing, thrust bearing
4 gas injector, fuel injection pump, widespread rail
5 oil pan gasket, cylinder head gasket
6 overhaul gasket kit, higher gasket kit, decrease gasket kit
seven oil pan
8 gasoline transfer pump, water pump, oil pump, vacuum pump, electricity steering pump
nine oil filter, gas filter, fuel h2o separator, air filter, And many others

CZPT CZPT and Weichai, also engines, gearboxes, and automobile entire body areas for some other brands are CZPT, like:

SN Makes
1 Deutz, MWM
3 Detroit
4 Weichai
five Isuzu
7 Perkins
8 Yuchai
ten CZPT
twelve Jinbei, Brilliance
thirteen Iveco, Yuejin
14 etc

CZPTion: What is the value ?
Reply: Our prices are determined by a variety of aspects, such as: Model, Product, Energy, CZPTtity, Price CZPT (FOB, CIF, CPT, FCA, and so forth), Certificates, etc.
CZPTion: What is the MOQ ?
Solution: for comprehensive motor, one set for motor parts, one motor established
CZPTion: Are samples CZPT ?
Solution: Sample get is appropriate, but with greater device value.
       For regular companions, if essential, cost-free samples are CZPT.
CZPTion: How long is the manufacturing cycle (guide time) ?
Solution: for motor parts, we generally have sufficient stock for engines, usually about ten-20 days for inventory engine, usually one 7 days.
CZPTion: How lengthy is the shipment?
Solution: if by Express, typically 3-4 doing work days if by air, usually 3-five working times if by sea, 3-7 days to Southeast Asia, 15-twenty days to Center CZPT, South Asia and Australia, 20-twenty five days to CZPTpe, United states of america and Africa, thirty-35 times to Latin CZPTica and other areas.
CZPTion: What are your payment strategies ?
Answer: we settle for T/T (financial institution wire transfer), L/C, CZPT Union, Funds Gram, Sigue, Secured Trade via Produced-in-China, and so on.

CZPT Marine Reduction CZPT HCQ1000 for Ship