Crusher Shaft Mounted Square Sharp Gear Box

Crusher Shaft Mounted Square Sharp Gear Box

About Crusher Shaft Mounted Square Gear Box (HXGF collection):            
HXGF Shaft Mounted Equipment Reducer is our firm new design solution.
For offering better selection in accordance to our market  tendency.
The greater materials are choosed by us for far better use of our consumers.

Products Positive aspects:

1.   Large performance
2.   Modest volume 
3.   robust capability of being overloaded
4.   Lengthy provider life 
5.   Anti-leaking oil
6.   basic framework and convenient to be set up and managed
seven.   Commonly application
Why Pick us:                                                                                                                                         
one) All torque arms/fulcrums are plated to get rid of them currently being rusted in use.

two) The shaft mounts have labyrinth sealing on the conveyor finish and input shaft finish so that the oil seal is risk-free from contamination.

3) The front stop of the shaft mount has a hub protect to safeguard the front oil seal as effectively as shifting part of the gearbox.

four) Enter shaft entrance bearing is a roller bearing as it will take in a lot more radial load from the belt strain.

five) Breather plugs are prolonged so that the dust does not clog the breather gap.

six) All oil seals imported from ZheCZPT .

7) Our equipment models now have increased load ability as the gears have been redesigned.

8) All gears are scenario carburised to a casedepth and ground inhouse.

nine) All gear units are machined on a CNC machining middle so are really accurate in alignment.

ten) Complete of all gear units are considerably superior to any other brand name becoming bought out of India.
11) The shaft mounts are CZPT with keyed hollow shafts or hollow taper bores with taper clamps.

CZPT info:

Output(RPM) a hundred-400 a hundred-400 one hundred-four hundred one hundred-four hundred 100-400 100-four hundred one hundred-400 100-400
Energy Score(KW) 2.68-seven.fourteen 4.two-nine.sixty six six.62-fifteen.sixty five 10.29-24.fifty seven fifteen.12-35.ninety one twenty five.two-fifty nine.nine 36.2-81.nine 62.two-134.two
Permissible torque(Nm) 256 401 632 983 1444 2407 3457 5940
Ratio:13:1 and 20:1                
Output(RPM) ten-one hundred fifteen 10-115 10-a hundred and fifteen 10-115 ten-one hundred fifteen 10-one hundred fifteen ten-a hundred and fifteen ten-115
Power Ranking(KW) .29-3.eleven .forty nine-four.62 .eighty two-seven.eighty one 1.twenty five-11.fifty five 1.97-17.01 3.eleven-27.09 7.eight-60.five
Permissible torque(Nm) 277 468 783 1194 1881 2970 4680  

Crusher Shaft Mounted Square Sharp Gear Box