Food Industry Mixer Gearbox with TUV Certificate

Food CZPT Mixer CZPT with TUV Certificate


Food CZPT Mixer CZPT With TUV Certificate can be solitary-phase or multi-phase with the two mounting methods foot-mounted and flange-mounted.

Housing: HT250 Cast Iron
Gear: 20CrMnTi

Merchandise benefits:
one. Large efficiency
2. Little quantity
3. Straightforward construction and convenient to be mounted and taken care of
4. Strong capacity of getting overloaded
five. Long provider existence


12 Months Good quality Assure


Food CZPT Mixer CZPT With TUV Certificate for:

one. CZPT machinery
2. Craning
3. Bagger
four. Enginery for foot business
5. Washer
6. Operating device
seven. Cropping & shearing equipment
eight. Woodworking machine
9. CZPTs for plastic business
10. Syrup CZPT

Aggressive Advantage:

one. HFT overall registered cash in RMB fifty eight, 000, 000. We experienced 2 sub businesses situated in Binghai&Sanxi CZPT Zone, masking spot 50000 square meters and 350 staff so considerably.

2. There are far more than forty skilled specialized engineers and 49 products patents we have.

three. Relying on higher good quality merchandise and excellent support, our items have been efficiently appliedby much more than 5000 clients.

Model 27 37 47 fifty seven 67 seventy seven
Framework sort HRHR..FHRF
Input electrical power .twelve-3 .twelve-3 .12-five.five .12-7.five .12-7.5 .18-eleven
Ratio three.37-136 3.four-133.3 3.87-182.six 4.32-183.two 4.32-a hundred and eighty.7 5.28-200.nine
Permissible torque a hundred and ten 170 255 380 510 seven-hundred
excess weight 6.two nine.4 eleven 20 28 40
Model 87 97 107 137 147 167
Framework kind HRHR..FHRF
Input power .55-22 .55-37 two.2-55 5.5-seventy five 11-a hundred and ten 11-160
Ratio 5.33-245.7 four.52-280.6 four.98-255.4 five.22-223.two 10.43-224.6
Permissible torque 1320 2550 3670 6800 11050 15300
bodyweight 70 112 169 245 440 770



Food CZPT Mixer CZPT with TUV Certificate