Ini China Output Shaft with Helical Gear Motor Igh 17 36 40 50 60 80 110 Slew Gearbox

Ini China Output Shaft with Helical Gear Motor Igh 17 36 40 50 60 80 110 Slew CZPT

INI IGH 17 36 40 fifty 60 eighty one hundred ten slew gearbox
IKY sequence track and wheel drives had been produced by us . We possess the intellectual property correct.   It has an integrated composition with radial piston motor, gearbox and integral oil distributor with management vlaves. It results in compact design, lowered cost and higher trustworthiness and transmission effectiveness. 



Principal characteristics


• high torque lower pace

• substantial startup and operation effectiveness

• large reliability

• can be immediately connected to sprocket wheel   

• compact layout, brief total duration

• Thanks to the high torque rating and the quality of the resources, these models are the ideal solution in large obligation applications




• specifically desgined for tracked and wheels autos, these kinds of as excavators, drillers, coal mining equipment.

When the input speed is 3000rpm

Energy(W) Gear Ratio
 1/3  1/five  1/9   1/15   1/twenty   1/twenty five   1/35   1/forty five   1/eighty one
fifty B B B B B B B C C
one hundred B B B B B B C C D
two hundred B B C C C C C D E
400 B C C C C C D E  
750 C C D D D D E E  
a thousand D D E E E E      
1500 D D E E          
2000 D E E E          
2500 E E E            
3000 E E E            
3500 E E              
4000 E E              
4500 E                
5000 E                


B type: M5*ten     C type: M6*12 (or M8*sixteen)    
D typr: M8*16 (M6*12)     E type: M10*20    

Our Solutions


1. One calendar year warranty from shipping and delivery

2. Totally free elements for alternative within warranty period of time

3. Professional resolution provider

4. Free complex assist at any time

5. CZPTer education is CZPT.

6. On-web site installation and commissioning is CZPT.


Company Details


  •  Firm Introduction


240,000 mthree, 700 workers, CZPT:2008 & ISO14001:2004 licensed.


Set up in 1996, we are one of leading producers in China who are specialised in developing and manufacturing  hydraulic winches, hydraulic motors, hydraulic slewing drives,  planetary gearboxes, journey motors and wheel motors, hydraulic capstans, hydraulic energy units, and hydraulic pumps. 
With robust analysis and development ability, we have attained fourteen creation patents and 30 functional innovation patents.
In the meantime, we have more than 250 sets of CZPTd production and inspection gear to guarantee the quality of 
our merchandise. 

Our goods have been widely utilized in Offshore Software, CZPT CZPT, Fishing Products, CZPT CZPT, 
Petroleum CZPT, Coal CZPT, Geological Prospection, Maritime Application, CZPTlurgical CZPT, Light CZPT, 
as nicely as Environmental Security and other industries. 
As a CZPTworthy producer and supplier, we have a dominating marketplace share in China, and we also get pleasure from an increasing 
marketplace share CZPT.  Our goods have been exported to:


-CZPTpe: United kingdom, Austria, Netherlands, Germany, Sweden
-North CZPTica: United states of america, Canada
-South CZPTica: Brazil, Argentina
-Russia, Australia,Turkey, Southeast Asia, Middle CZPT, India, Korea and other countries in the entire world.

Ini China Output Shaft with Helical Gear Motor Igh 17 36 40 50 60 80 110 Slew CZPT