Modular Coaxial RF Series Helical Gearbox

Modular Coaxial RF Series Helical CZPT


1. Housing: Cast Iron
2. Gears: CZPTcal Gears
3. Enter Configurations:
Geared up with CZPT Motors
Reliable Shaft Input
IEC or NEMA Motor Flange
4. Relevant Motors:
Single Section AC Motor, A few Period AC Motor
Brake Motors
Inverter Motors
Multi-pace Motors
Explosion-evidence Motor
Roller Motor
five. Output Configurations:
Strong Shaft Output


R Sequence (Foot-mounted): R18~R168
RS Series (Foot-mounted, Sound Shaft Enter)
RF Series (Flange-mounted): RF18~RF168
RFS Series (Flange-mounted, Sound Shaft Input)
RX Series (1 Phase, Foot-mounted): RX38~RX158
RXS Collection (one Phase, Foot-mounted, Solid Shaft Enter)
RXF Sequence (one Phase, Flange-mounted): RXF38~RXF158
RXFS Series (1 Phase, Flange-mounted, Solid Shaft Input)
RM Collection (agitator gearboxes): Specially created for agitating programs


1. Compact composition, modular layout
two. Single-phase, two-phase and a few-stage sizes
3. High reduction ratio and torque density
4. Lengthy provider life
5. Can be combined with other kinds of gearboxes (Such as R Collection, K Series, F Sequence, S Sequence, UDL Series)


 2 Phases or three Levels

Types Output Shaft Dia. Input Shaft Dia. Energy(kW) Ratio Max. Torque(Nm)
R/RF18 20mm .18~.75 three.eighty three~seventy four.84 eighty five
R/RF28 25mm 16mm .18~3 three.37~a hundred thirty five.09 130
R/RF38 25mm 16mm .eighteen~3 three.41~134.82 two hundred
R/RF48 30mm 19mm .eighteen~five.five three.83~176.88 300
R/RF58 35mm 19mm .18~seven.five 4.39~186.89 450
R/RF68 35mm 19mm .eighteen~7.5 four.29~199.81 600
R/RF78 40mm 24mm .18~11 5.21~195.24 820
R/RF88 50mm 28mm .fifty five~22 5.36~246.54 1550
R/RF98 60mm 38mm .fifty five~thirty 4.forty nine~289.six 3000
R/RF108 70mm 42mm two.2~forty five 5.06~245.5 4300
R/RF138 90mm 55mm 5.five~55 five.51~223.34 8000
R/RF148 110mm 55mm 11~ninety five.00~163.46 13000
R/RF168 120mm 70mm 11~one hundred sixty 8.seventy seven~196.forty one 18000

one Phase

Types Output Shaft Dia. Input Shaft Dia. Electrical power(kW) Ratio Max. Torque(Nm)
RX/RXF38 20mm 16mm one.six~three.seventy six 20
RX/RXF58 20mm 19mm .eighteen~five.five 1.3~five.five 70
RX/RXF68 25mm 19mm .18~7.5 1.4~6.07 135
RX/RXF78 30mm 24mm 1.1~11 one.forty two~5.63 215
RX/RXF88 40mm 28mm three~22 1.39~six.forty four four hundred
RX/RXF98 50mm 38mm five.five~thirty 1.forty two~five.eighty two 600
RX/RXF108 60mm 42mm seven.5~45 1.forty four~six.65 830
RX/RXF128 75mm 55mm seven.five~90 one.fifty six~6.forty seven 11


Foot Mounted
Flange Mounted


Oil-bathtub and Splash Lubrication


All-natural Cooling


Modular Coaxial RF Series Helical CZPT