R Series Gearbox Helical Electric Motor Speed Reducer Reverse Gear Box for Buggy Industry in Line Shaft Coaxial Geared Motors Transmission Auto

R Series CZPT Helical CZPT Motor Speed Reducer Reverse Gear Box for Buggy CZPT in Line Shaft Coaxial Geared Motors Transmission Auto

R collection motor pace reducer helical gearbox electric powered reverse gear box for buggy market in line shaft Coaxial geared motors vehicle part reducer transmission

 R helical concentric gearbox velocity reducer decelerator has the characteristics of substantial flexibility,very good mix and large loading ability, together with other merits these kinds of as simple to attain a variety of transmission ratios, higher effectiveness, lower vibrationand higher permissible axis radial load. This series can not only be blended with a variety of types of reducers and variators and meet the demands, but also beadvantage of localization of connected transmission tools.
1) Output pace: .6~1,571rpm
two) Output torque: up to eighteen,000N.m
3) Motor energy: .18~160kW
4) Mounted sort: foot-mounted and flange-mounted mounting

Merchandise Name SLR Collection  Rigid Tooth  helical reducer 
Equipment Material 20CrMnTi 
Circumstance Materials HT250
Shaft Material  20CrMnTi
Gear Processing Grinding finish by HOFLER Grinding CZPTs
Color  CZPTized
Sound Take a look at Bellow 65dB


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R Series CZPT Helical CZPT Motor Speed Reducer Reverse Gear Box for Buggy CZPT in Line Shaft Coaxial Geared Motors Transmission Auto

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