Right-Angle Planetary Gearboxes

Right-Angle Planetary CZPTes

Correct-Angle Planetary CZPTes CZPT info:
1. Ratio selection: 3.fifteen-9000
2. Input electricity: .twenty five-55KW
3. Permit torque rang: ≤ 800000N. M
4. Output speed: .425-445 r/min
5. Framework method: Probability of flange, foot, or shaft mounting remedies

Right-Angle Planetary CZPTes Characteristic:
one. Broad and thorough assortment of N collection for industrial applications
2. Minimal pace shaft design: Cylindrical with essential, splined, hollow with shrink disc or splined hollow shaft
three. Rigid and specific nodular cast iron casing
4. Minimal noise operating, substantial manufacturing good quality normal
five. High and reputable efficiency, load capability and minimal velocity shaft bearing

 Ratio  3.15:1 to 9000:one
 Reduction Stages  up to six reduction levels in a single gearbox
 Nominal Output Torque  up to 800,000N.m

Right-Angle Planetary CZPTes