Servo Motor Planetary Gearboxes Wpl90-025-S-P2

Servo Motor Planetary CZPTes Wpl90-571-S-P2

The WABR series planetary reducer has numerous benefits these kinds of as reduced sounds, substantial output torque and high performance, which can efficiently output motor energy to the application end.

Large rigidity, large torque

WABR sequence adopts integral full needle roller bearing, integral interior gear box and helical gear design, which can greatly boost the structural rigidity and output torque

High precision

Again clearance of all collection one-phase reducer is decrease than eight arc minutes (arcmin)

Full sequence double-phase reducer back clearance significantly less than 12 arc minutes (arcmin)

Higher efficiency

The transmission performance of single segment equipment is higher than 95%

The transmission effectiveness of two-segment device is greater than 92%

Minimal sound

Grinding quality helical gears are used to make certain sleek and quiet procedure

Lifelong lubrication

Completely sealed (IP65) design and style, no require to change lubricating oil for the duration of the daily life of the item, easy upkeep


Servo Motor Planetary CZPTes Wpl90-571-S-P2