Suspended Cranes Application Cast Iron Inline Helical Gearbox

Suspended Cranes Application Cast Iron Inline Helical CZPT

Suspended Cranes Application Cast Iron Inline CZPTcal CZPT 

Product Description
suspended cranes inline helical gearbox
CZPT helical geared motor entire body use the high degree of modularity forged iron, the gear and the axis use the high quality alloy steel  in order to the precision forging, the helical gearbox though the rigorous warmth treament procedure, guarantees helical gearbox‘s depth and the rigidity.  inline helical gearbox configure motor with flange or foot , 
helical gearbox design use modular compose with other reducers and variator, get a huge minimize ratio travel and variation. Therefore inline helical gearbox maker CZPT ‘s helical gear motor applied to several industrial region, this sort of as CZPTlurgical, mines, lifting, transportation, petrochemical, construction, textile, pharmaceutical, food, environmental, light electric, plastic machine, paper, parking gear and so on.
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CZPT data:

Model Shaft Dia. Centre Top Output Flange Dia. Electrical power Ratio Permitted Torque Bodyweight
Reliable (mm) (mm) (mm) (kw) (Nm) (KGS)
R37 25k6 90h13 a hundred and twenty/a hundred and sixty .twelve~.seventy five 5~136 150 ten
R47 30k6 115h13 one hundred sixty/two hundred .25~2.two five~173 300 15
R57 35k6 115h13 200/250 one.18~5.five five~173 400 21
R67 35k6 130h13 200/250 .37~seven.5 five~one hundred seventy five hundred 27
R77 40k6 140h13 250/three hundred .fifty five~eleven 5~192 750 35
R87 50k6 180h13 three hundred/350 .seventy five~18.5 5~192 1250 sixty five
R97 60m6 225h13 350/450 one.five~thirty five~197 2400 120
R107 70m6 250h13 350/450 2.2~45 5~197 3600 one hundred sixty five
R137 90m6 315h13 450/550 four~fifty five five~197 6600 255
R147 110m6 355h13 450/550 seven.5~90 five~195 10700 370
R167 120m6 425h13 550/660 eleven~132 eight~186 14800 seven-hundred
R187 160m6 510h13 660/770 fifteen~one hundred sixty 8~186 28000 1500
Remark: the excess weight CZPT oil and motor, shaft and flange input incorporate 10%.


Suspended Cranes Application Cast Iron Inline Helical CZPT