Ta Shaft Mounted Gearbox for Conveyor Reducer

Ta Shaft Mounted CZPT for Conveyor Reducer

Product Description

ATA Series Shaft mounted CZPT Reducer      SMR Series Shaft mounted CZPT Reducer

ATA series shaft mounted gearbox(speed reducer) with helical hardened gears has the traits of high carrying potential, easy transmission, light excess weight, low strength use and so on. Enter shaft of ATA velocity reducer is connected with equipment motor by belt pulley, hollow output shaft is joined with a key. It can be replaced by electric drum as electrical power for belt conveyors and lifting equipments. ATA collection shaft mounted gearbox could be attached with again-cease to steer clear of the working device again skating, and conveniently mounted by tie rod. ATA collection shaft mounted velocity reducer is broadly utilized in the mining equipments, concrete mixing batching plant, CZPT crushers, sand generating manufacturing line and other belt conveyors, mechanical transmission locations.

CZPT belt conveyors travel program is composed of ATA shaft mounted speed reducer, torque arm, pulleys and equipment motors, whose energy transmission from the equipment motor to the gearbox by means of the pulley, and then pace reducer passed to the generate pulley by means of the hollow output shaft and the gearbox is set by torque arm, anti-slip unit can be configured. The technique is convenient to install,use and sustain.

Mounting Kind: Tie rod Hanging shaft mounted
Output Shaft: One key hollow shaft, each model can decide on 3 hollow diameter at most.
CZPT Housing: Tough Iron Metal, can be utilized exterior.
Anti-slip gadget: Can fit for any model, It is very practical to be mounted.


Stone crushers plant , Cement plant, Concrete batch mixing plant, CZPT conveyors, Port transfer

conveyor, Crushing machine, and so on ···



1) All gears are heat dealt with and set to obtain low sound and large output
two) Mounting proportions are interchangeable with Fenner

Product Parameters

 TA Shaft Mounted Reducer Output Shaft Bore  [mm] Ratio(i) Rated torque
TA30 Φ30 seven, ten, 12.five 180N.m
TA35 Φ35 five,ten,fifteen,twenty,25 420N.m
TA40 Φ40 five,10,twelve.five,fifteen,20,25 900N.m
TA45 Φ45 five,ten,12.5,15,twenty,twenty five 1400N.m
TA50 Φ50 five,ten,12.5,fifteen,20,twenty five 2300N.m
TA60 Φ60 5,ten,12.five,15,twenty,25 3600N.m
TA70 Φ70 5,ten,12.five,fifteen,twenty,25,31 5100N.m
TA80 Φ80 5,ten,12.five,fifteen,20,twenty five,31 7000N.m
TA100 Φ100 five,ten,twelve.five,15,twenty,twenty five,31 11000N.m


Design No.
Output Shaft Bore
CZPT Alternative 5:one
B Φ30 Φ40
C Φ40 Φ50
D Φ50 Φ55
E Φ55 Φ65
F Φ65 Φ75
G Φ75 Φ85
H Φ85 Φ100
J Φ100 Φ120


Production Method


Ta Shaft Mounted CZPT for Conveyor Reducer