Top Quality Chinese 12 Gears Fast Transmission Spare Parts and Gearbox Prices for Trucks

Top Quality Chinese 12 Gears CZPT Transmission Spare Parts and CZPT Prices for Trucks


China Best Brand name — Dawnshine
Chinese CZPT twelve gears gearbox & spare parts prices for vehicles


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Versions Electricity (Kw) Torque(Nm) Equipment Ratios
one 2 3 4 5 six 7 eight 9 10 11 12 R1 R2
12JS160T 285 1600 fifteen.fifty three twelve.08 nine.39 seven.33 5.seventy three four.forty six 3.forty eight 2.seventy one 2.ten one.sixty four one.28 one.00 14.86 three.33
12JS160TA 285 1600 12.ten 9.41 7.31 5.71 four.46 three.forty eight 2.seventy one two.11 1.64 one.28 one.00 .seventy eight eleven.fifty six two.fifty nine
12JS180T 331 1800 fifteen.53 12.08 nine.39 seven.33 5.73 four.forty six 3.48 two.71 2.10 one.sixty four one.28 1.00 14.86 three.33
12JS180TA 331 1800 12.ten nine.forty one 7.31 five.71 four.46 three.forty eight two.71 two.eleven 1.64 1.28 1.00 .78 eleven.56 2.59
12JS200T 355 2000 15.53 twelve.08 nine.39 7.33 5.73 4.46 three.forty eight 2.71 2.10 1.sixty four 1.28 one.00 fourteen.86 3.33
12JS200TA 355 2000 twelve.10 9.forty one seven.31 five.seventy one 4.46 3.48 two.seventy one two.eleven one.sixty four 1.28 one.00 .78 11.fifty six two.fifty nine
12JS240T 400 2400 fifteen.53 twelve.08 nine.39 seven.33 five.seventy three four.forty six 3.48 2.seventy one two.10 1.sixty four one.28 one.00 fourteen.86 3.33
12JS240TA four hundred 2400 twelve.ten 9.forty one seven.31 five.seventy one four.forty six 3.forty eight two.seventy one two.eleven one.sixty four one.28 1.00 .78 11.56 2.59


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Composition Characteristics:
 Combined design of primary and auxiliary instances manual management in primary scenario and pneumatic manage in auxiliary situation.
 Twin-countershafts, energy split, major shaft and gears on it are floating.
 Main and auxiliary cases undertake fantastic-circle tooth root and regular involute profile design and style. Scientifically made K-formed diagram controls tooth precision, and shot peening for treatment enhances load potential.
 Flexible and trustworthy gear shifting double H working system, you can select solitary-lever or double-lever manage, proper or remaining, or two-way management.
 We can install clutch housings and launch gadgets according to clients demands.
 Short axial dimension, massive load ability, reputable to use and convenient to maintenance.


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Top Quality Chinese 12 Gears CZPT Transmission Spare Parts and CZPT Prices for Trucks